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For each of my patients I develop individual treatment plans, dependent on the underlying diagnosis (e.g. Down Syndrome, AD(H)D, Autism or other complex conditions), the patients' medical history that we go through together in my practice, my impression of the patient during the physical exam, as well as the respective wishes of the patients or parents.

My background as a PhD biologist complements my work as a naturopath - asking the right questions as well as the search for answers is what motivates me. For my patients I search for the missing puzzle piece, to help every one reach their fill potential.


For the inital appointment, I plan at least 60 minutes. After a detailed medical history and a physical exam we can decide together,  if we want to use different functional medicine tests. It is helpful, if I can review previous laboratory results - these can be brought to the appointment or they can pe sent via email prior to the appointment.

Afterwards, I can perform a blood draw if necessary. For urine or stool tests you can take the collection material home;
this way the test can be done in the comfort of your home and you can send it directly to the laboratory. After a careful review of the results I will send you an individual treatment plan (e.g. recommended further tests, diet recommendations, supplements or phytotherapy).

Follow-up appointments and counceling can subsequently be conducted via email, phone or Skype. The goal is to further optimize the treatment according to the therapeutic sucess.


The fee for the first appointment in my practice is € 300. The fee includes the evaluation of the patient's health history and laboratory values, the discussion of the diagnostic procedure, a physical examination, research time and the creation of detailed, individual therapy plans.

If further laboratory tests were carried out during the first appointment (stool, urine, etc.), the analysis will be charged at € 30-60, depending on the time required.

For follow-up appointments via phone / zoom, a flat rate of € 75 is charged for every 30 minutes or part thereof. General online consultation appointments are billed at € 60 per 30 minutes.

For patients with private additional insurance or for those with private insurance, I will issue an invoice based on the non-binding schedule of fees for alternative practitioners (GebüH).

The cost of any tests that may be carried out will be billed directly to the laboratory.



In contrast to conventional medicine, which often only treats the symptoms of a disease, functional medicine tries to get to the root cause and treat it. Various different tests are used for this, including: stool examinations (composition of the intestinal flora, inflammation, changes in the intestinal-associated immune system, "leaky gut", fungal levels, etc.), urine tests (organic acids, analysis of oxidative stress, amino acid analyzes, etc.),  Hair mineral analyzes (e.g. if there is a suspicion of increased heavy metals in the body or an existing lack of minerals), as well as tests in the blood (thyroid function, micronutrients, oxidative stress, etc.).

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